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October 27, 2023

The Architectural Barriers Act is the ADA’s Powerful Parent

Above image courtesy of Azmanjaka/Getty Disability Collection. Did you know that post offices and all other federally-owned buildings are covered by the Architectural Barriers Act, and not the Americans
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Cropped view of the physically challenged girl moving herself at the wheelchair and opening doors of the building. Stock photo
July 18, 2023

Can You Use the Children and Caregiver Accessible Restroom? Ask the ADA Expert!

Is it legal to bar wheelchair users from the accessible “family restroom” simply because they’re adults?
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June 13, 2023

Why aren’t more medical offices and equipment wheelchair accessible?

The Americans with Disabilities Act and other access laws cover doctor offices and medical equipment. But there are medical providers not in compliance.
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man in powerchair taking a photo on a trail
May 22, 2023

Q & A: Are There Requirements for Building Accessible Trails?

Q: I’m an outdoor enthusiast and enjoy hiking wheelchair-accessible trails with my family, including our quadriplegic son, near my home in Western Pennsylvania. I volunteer for a local trail
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Curb Ramps

The shortest distance between two points is not always a straight line. If you use a wheelchair, the shortest distance between an accessible parking space and the entrance to
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The 2010 ADA Standards for Accessible Design Training Program is Coming to Florida

Thursday, September 22, 2011 at the Buena Vista Palace Hotel – Lake Buena Vista, Florida9:00 AM – 1 PM (Registration for the program will begin at 8:30 AM)Cost of
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